My Story

Hi there, I’m Nicole!!!

I am the founder and lead baby and toddler sleep consultant here at The Baby Ypnos. I am an Early Years & Primary teacher, a Music teacher, a wife, and a mother to a wonderful boy (Baby T).

Due to my occupation and spending half of my day with children I thought I knew everything around them and having my own child would be a walk in the park. When the time came, I did my research on ‘what to expect when you are expecting’ and I also attended various pre-natal seminars on birth, breastfeeding, pregnancy exercise, nutrition etc. Though, nothing and no one ever mentioned anything about baby sleep. No one ever talked about the struggle of putting your child to sleep at night, the wakings, the sleep deprivation and the overall effects on the whole family.

Baby T suffered from severe colic since 3 weeks old and unable to put himself to sleep, not only he was waking up quite a few times at night, but it was impossible for us to lay him down in bed. My husband and I haven’t had a good night’s sleep for over 4 months at the time. The sleep deprivation effects were well evident. We were constantly tired, uptight and unable to enjoy our parenthood journey. My forever dream of becoming a mum was now my living nightmare. I knew I had to do something about it, so I began reading and researching. That is how I entered the amazing world of ‘Baby and Toddler Sleep Consulting’. Within 14 days we all got our sleep back and baby T earned back two loving, happy, and well-relaxed parents. 
I won’t lie. Sleep consulting or establishing healthy sleep foundations for children are unknown areas here in Cyprus. Having lots of mummy friends around me and seeing them all going through different sleeping paths and difficulties with their own babies, made my soul hurt. It made me want to help. I could so relate with their stories, and I spent hours talking with them on the phone sharing all the information and knowledge I gathered through my research. All I wanted was to help them and their babies sleep better. Their positive feedback brought butterflies in my stomach. That’s when I realised that helping other families sleep better brings joy to my heart and a big smile on my face. At that moment I knew, I had to do something for me but most importantly for all those new mums out there. And being a ‘Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant’ was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Having been in your shoes I feel your struggle and I understand your pain. My passion is to educate families about the science of infant and toddler sleep and how to help their children develop healthy sleep foundations. My purpose is to help families get better sleep and enjoy every step of their new journey.

My goal is to help YOU!